Our story

In recent years, the world of work has changed a lot. Like a lot, a lot.

Business leaders are looking for on-demand capability, exceptional talent that is there when they need it. They are thinking beyond the traditional employment model and expensive agency solutions, and are creating extensions of their teams, finding bench strength in trusted gig talent.

At the same time, super talented professionals are choosing portfolio careers, shaping their work around their lives.  Side hustles are commonplace.  People are prioritising meaning and flexibility over commitment and reliability. 

We’ve seen amazing talent jumping ship from corporate life to a gig life.

Founder and CEO, Michelle Fotheringham, has worked on both sides of the fence: as an in-house leader and as gig talent.  Her observations of this emerging work models and reflection on her lived experience, led to an exploration of what might be possible if we were to re-think the professional gig economy.


With curiosity sparked, Werkling interviewed dozens of independent and freelance consultants, contractors, and founders of niche consulting practices to better understand their experience and needs. We tapped into our broad network of business leaders to gain their perspective; seeking to learn about their pains and gains of finding high quality, trusted talent on-demand. 

We found that people on both sides of the market wanted less competition and more collaboration. Business leaders wanted an easier and more cost effective way to access trusted on-demand talent: “a dating site meets job board” was heard more than once.  They wanted increased access to thought leadership and outside-in perspectives on problems they were facing. They wanted support scoping their gigs and help pulling together teams and panels of impressive talent. On the other side, talent wanted to be part of a community of peers with whom they could learn and connect. 

Werkling is on a bold mission to make the professional gig economy a little more human.  Head here to learn more about what we do