Business leader FAQs

Sure can! In fact, that’s one thing that sets Werkling apart from other gig platforms. We are super happy to meet with leaders to help you scope your needs and create an outcome-focused gig brief. If you have a need, but aren’t sure where to start, book a time with the Werkling team.

We have *the* best talent (and humans!) across People and Culture, Change & Project Management, Marcomms and more (check out all of our domains here).  The professions within our talent community all work on-demand and have fabulous portfolio careers, meaning they do not work in a traditional job but are engaged by leaders to deliver high impact projects or services.

Our on-demand talent are typically 15-20 years into their dazzling careers and all have valuable inhouse experience under their belts. They are not “consultant consultants” (you know what we mean).  They understand the context that you are working in and how to deliver results.

Werkling is different to those ‘search and pray’ or ‘job board’ style freelancing platforms out there. We know you don’t have time to trawl through dozens and dozens of bios and proposals from all over the world.

Your time is precious so we will simply tell you who the best on-demand professional (from within our known and trusted community!) is for your need. 

Werkling talent are matched to gigs based on their talent profile, their referral strength, their past gig performance and their community contribution.  You’ll be sent their talent profile via the Werkling platform and, after reviewing it, can organise a time to meet with them.

Yes, you will need a Gig Brief…. but it only needs to be super brief! There is no need to fully scope the piece of work. Our amazing talent can help with this. Sometimes the Gig Briefs we receive are as simple as telling us about the problem, opportunity or business need. You can submit a Gig Brief on our platform, or you can book a time with us to talk through the need and we can create the brief on your behalf. Easy.

We will only share your Gig Brief with talent from our community who have been matched to the gig. The brief is used to give them context on the gig to allow them to indicate their interest and availability. The business name and leader name will remain hidden until you let us know that you want to meet with the talent.

Leaders pay a transparent matching fee on top of the project delivery costs that are agreed with the matched Werkling talent. For more about membership fees and services, head here

Curious about how much the work you need done will cost? Get a gig cost estimate by giving us a bit of information about the need and we’ll be in touch within 24-hours with a cost estimate based on similar gigs our Werklings have delivered in the past. 

Of course! If there is someone in your network who you have worked with closely before, you would love to work with them again, and you would recommend them to others, we would love an introduction. Sign in and you will locate your referral link in your Account Setting page. Provide this link to this superstar and invite them to sign up for a free 30 day trial.

Yes. Any feedback gathered from business leaders and Werklings is kept confidential and is not publicly shared. Businesses who provide feedback on talent and talent who provide feedback on businesses can indicate if they are happy for the feedback to be shared with the other party.

Sometimes Werkling’s talent is just too good to be true, the stars align and there is an opportunity to offer them an internal position. There is no harm in putting an offer on the table. But be prepared…. most Werklings are wedded to their gig life and are not interested in stepping into an internal role. Others are more fluid in their career plans and aspirations so you are welcome to ask. If your offer is within the first 12 months of introduction, a Talent Matching fee will apply.

The on-demand talent within the Werkling community are some of the best in the business. They have each set their day rates or fixed costs to fit the market in which they work. All Werkling talent reduce their rates for NFPs and social enterprise. When you meet with the Werkling you’ve been matched to, you can discuss whether a fixed cost or day rate is most appropriate for the project

Send us an email at to cancel your membership.

We have had some great examples of WerkTeams (Werklings working in teams) who have delivered some impressive outcomes. 

WerkTeams are perfect for not only delivering large projects but projects that require more than one skill set. Pulling together bespoke, multi-disciplinary teams is one of our great joys!

Our platform is built for desktops only at this time. But we are scheming a mobile app right now!