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Who we help

Werkling partner with organisation of all sizes and across all industries, with leaders just like you. 

High gowth

Corporate & government

The future of work has arrived and large organisations whose talent strategy is reliant on acquisition alone are set to be left behind.

Leaders need to be able to tap into the full talent ecosystem, including digital access to trusted pools of independent talent.

  • Increase capacity during peak periods

  • Bring in specialist capability to deliver projects

  • Access external perspectives for complex challenges.


High growth start ups

The talent that you needed yesterday and need tomorrow is not the same as the talent that you need today. 

​We work with rapidly scaling companies to provide access to independent talent who understand how to have impact in an accelerated growth environment. 

  • Address common start up growing pains 

  • Avoid fixing excessive headcount into the business

  • Build internal maturity through parntership and co-design

Start ups, small & medium biz


There are certain capabilities that small and medium sized businesses just don't need all the time.... but they do need some of the time.

It's time to think beyond the traditional employment work model and compromising on the level of expertise you need to fit your salary budget.

  • Access small-biz-friendly independent talent

  • Built an extended team that you tap into as needed

  • Uplift business performance 

Gig ready leaders

Werkling werks, sorry works, across a wild variety of organisations. From super cool tech unicorns, to NFPs working with vulnerable communities to some of the biggest global employers. The common denominator?

The leaders we partner with. They understand that the world of work is rapidly changing and are ready to think differently around how to design and resource work.

They are focussed on deliverables and outcomes, not the where and when of work. They are future ready, understanding that the ways of the past are not longer fit for purpose. They understand the concept of having a core internal team and then a bench of independent talent. They get it.

Gig realeadesy
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