Corporate Escapee Accelerator Program

Let’s be honest. The traditional employment model isn’t for everyone.

Our Corporate Escapee Accelerator (CEAP) program creates a supportive environment for like-hearted professionals to explore the realities of gig life and set themselves up for a successful portfolio career. 

You’ll have exclusive access to a huge range of advice, insights and practical resources.

Our Live Cohort Program

Key dates: Monday 3 June 2024 – Friday 12 July 2024

Corporate escapees and the ‘gig-curious’ can choose from our Live Cohort program or our Self-paced program. 

Our Live Cohort Program kicks off on a set date and cohort participants move through the program together, including a number of live Zoom workshops. There is between 45- 90mins of course content each week. 

Ideally this is consumed within the allocated week (but life happens!)  You will have access to the learning program resources for a three month period so you can revisit and download resources in the weeks following the program.

Week 1

Exploring the gig economy

 3 June – 7 June 2024

Learn about the peaks and pits of gig life and discover if a portfolio career is for you.

Here’s a taste of the resources you’ll access:

  • Becoming a corporate escapee | Video
  • Why people go gig | Audio bite
  • Who thrives in the gig economy | Reading
  • Pros and cons of gig life | Audio bite
  • A month in the life | Reading
  • Your portfolio career | Live workshop
  • Gig ready assessment | Tool 
  • Career coaching | Advisor session (optional – additional cost)

Week 2

Preparing for portfolio career

10 June – 14 June 2024

Understand the market needs, your needs and get those business basics sorted 

Here’s a taste of the resources you’ll access:

  • Getting ready for my giggy future | Live workshop
  • My needs | Tool
  • Market needs| Tool
  • Business basics – Accounting | Reading
  • Business basics – Legal | Reading
  • Accounting | Advisor session (optional – additional cost)
  • Legal | Advisor session (optional – additional cost)

Week 3

Nailing your value prop

17 June – 21 June 2024

Get clear on your brand, the value you add and your unique point of difference.

Here’s a taste of the resources you’ll access:

  • What the heck is my brand and value prop | Video
  • Why your personal brand matters | Reading
  • Creation of personal brand | Tool
  • Creation of value proposition | Tool
  • Sharing your value proposition  | Cohort cluster
  • Value proposition | Advisor session (optional – additional cost)

Week 4

Building your pipeline

24 June – 28 June 2024

Identify the best channels to generate a healthy pipeline of great projects.

Here’s a taste of the resources you’ll access:

  • Strategies to build your pipeline | Live workshop
  • Marketing plan on a page | Tool
  • Options for creating website  | Reading
  • CRM options| Reading
  • AI tools for efficiency  | Reading
  • Marketing | Advisor session (optional – additional cost)
  • Copywriting | Advisor session (optional – additional cost)

Week 5

Refining your skills

1 July – 5 July 2024

Explore the most essential consulting skills and identify your strengths and gaps.

Here’s a taste of the resources you’ll access:

  • Top 5 consulting skills | Live workshop
  • How to build your consulting muscle  | Audio bite
  • Consulting skills assessment  | Tool
  • Transferring your skills  | Advisor session (optional – additional cost)

Week 6

Thriving as on-demand talent

8 July – 12 July 2024

Wrap your arms around a whole heap of practical tools and resources to get you started.

Here’s a taste of the resources you’ll access:

  • Learning from others | Live workshop
  • Options to cost projects | Reading
  • Proposal guide  | Tool
  • Day rate guide |  Reading
  • Top tech tools | Reading
  • How to scope and track projects | Tool

Please note this is not an accreditation program. The use of this material is for your personal and internal business use, not for commercial use. This means that the program content cannot be used as a part of your advisory, coaching or consulting services. 

For more information, our T&Cs can be found here.  If you wish to be accredited in the program, please contact us.