Corporate Escapee Accelerator Program

This program creates a supportive environment for like-hearted professionals to explore the realities of gig life and set themselves up for a successful portfolio career.

Over six weeks, the Corporate Escapee Accelerator Program provides a practical blend of the insights, tools, and resources that are needed to thrive as on-demand talent.

Corporate escapees and the 'gig-curious' can choose from our Live Cohort program or our Self-paced program.

Applications for June Cohort are now Open!

Our Live Cohort program includes:

Cohort dates: Monday 3 June 2024 – Friday 12 July 2024

Our Self-paced program includes:

Our program will help you...

Created by gig ready experts

This program draws on Werkling’s deep understanding of the professional gig economy. We have supported hundreds of highly skilled professionals to take the jump to gig life and know what it takes to succeed as on-demand talent. All program contributors and advisors are corporate escapees themselves.    

Course overview

Both the Live cohort and Self-paced programs cover six modules

Week 1
Exploring the gig economy

Learn about the peaks and pits of gig life and discover if a portfolio career is for you

Week 2
Preparing for your portfolio career

Understand the market needs, your needs and get those business basics sorted 

week 3
Nailing your value proposition

Get clear on your brand, the value you add and your unique point of difference 

week 4
Building your pipeline

Identify the best channels to generate a healthy pipeline of great projects  

Week 5
Refining your consulting skills

Explore the most essential consulting skills and identify your strengths and gaps

Week 6
Thriving as on-demand talent

Wrap your arms around a whole heap of practical tools and resources to get you started

Frequently asked questions

The Corporate Escapee Accelerator Program is best suited to those who are considering gig life, are planning to transition to gig life or are in the early days of gig life. Those who been working as on-demand talent for over 6-12 months and feel that could sharpen their practice will also find value in the program, although there may be elements they have already worked out! 

Please note this is not an accreditation program. The use of this material is for your personal and internal business use, not for commercial use. This means that the program content cannot be used as a part of your advisory, coaching or consulting services. 

For more information, our T&Cs can be found here. If you wish to be accredited in the program, please contact us.   

The live cohort program has a fixed kick off date and you will experience the program with a small group of peers. There will be a number of live (Zoom-based) workshops and peer mentoring opportunities. You will move together through the content week by week.

In the Self-paced program, you will access recordings of the live sessions without the discussion elements. You have immediate access to all course content and can pick and chose where you jump in.    

Join the Live Cohort (June) here and join the waitlist for the Self-paced program (July) here.

Live cohort program:

Standard pricing: $1290 (inc. gst)

Werkling member discount: $965 (inc. gst)

Early bird special (June): $645 (inc. gst)

Please note that 1:1 sessions with program mentors/advisors are at an additional cost

Join the the Live Cohort (June) here


Self paced program:

Standard pricing: $690 (inc. gst)

Werkling member discount: $515 (inc. gst)

Early bird special (July): $290 (inc. gst)

Please note that 1:1 sessions with program mentors/advisors are at an additional cost.

Join the waitlist for the Self-paced program (July) here.

The Live cohort program spans across six weeks. The amount of content varies week to week, ranging from 60mins to 120mins.  In addition to the content, there are activities such as market research to complete that will require a time investment but can be completed over a longer period of time.

The Self-paced program has a similar amount of content but can be completed in your own time.

A team of professional gig economy specialists have created the course. It draws on the experiences and insights of the hundreds of on-demand talent and research conducted by the Werkling team.

Does this program guarantee a successful portfolio career? Wouldn’t that be nice. While we can’t promise what your gig future will look like, the program will arm you will all the information you need to set you on the best possible track.

Probably not. You may find value from the Self-paced course where you can pick and play with the resources and tools that best fill in any gaps you may have . 

At this time the program is available only in the English language, with a focus on Australia and New Zealand.

Ready to get giggy with it?