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First Monday of
the month

Community sessions

Werklings Assemble! is an opportunity for Werkling members to connect at the start of each month.

We'll have a chat about topics that are top of mind and get to know others in a smaller group setting. We'll share our focus for the month and discover new ways to collaborate.

We host a range of (very optional!) community sessions each month. Here's the low down...

Werklings Assemble

Co-Werking Sessions


This two hour block is for us to come together (virtually!) for focused work. We will connect at the start, share what we are going to achieve over the next two hours and then get to it (with Zoom bubbling away in the back ground) and report back at the end.

It's a new way to work, but this is a new world of work! And, if you are anything like us, you are in desperate need to find new ways to stay focused and accountable!


Mondays 1am -3pm &
Tuesdays 10am - 12pm


Learning cicles

Each month we host a short members-only lunchtime session focusing on a common freelancing challenge or hot topic. Grab your lunch and hear stories, perspectives and advice from your fellow Werklings. Check out upcoming topics here.


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