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Michelle Fotheringham

Founder & CEO

Michelle has extensive experience in people and organisation development roles, both in-house and as a senior consultant.  She has worked across industries including automotive, FMCG, banking, NPF, utilities and government.  She has a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and a Graduate Certificate of HRM.


Michelle is energised by connecting business leaders with Werkling’s amazing on-demand talent, and bringing together bespoke teams to solve big and complex business problems. She wants Werkling to be a place of inclusion, trust and exceptional know-how. 

Zoe Noble
Marketing & Strategy Lead

With a background in Tech Marketing, time in Corporate Strategy and having held leadership roles in Transformation and Operations functions, Zoe sits at the intersection strategy and execution, putting customer and people at the centre.


She is passionate about the human cost of work – to the organisation, the leader and to the individual human – and sees huge value in connecting business leaders with top on-demand talent to help balance that human cost. She wants Werkling to shape the future of work, where humans can be their best, both in Australia and globally.


Reanna Brown

Reanna is an academically trained and practicing futurist with a background in; futures and strategic foresight, strategic workforce planning, business and workforce strategy, HR and organisational design and development.

Reanna's combination of skills and education that is unique to a small number of people across the globe and is an absolute asset to Werkling. Her focus on the futures of work is complemented by her deep interest in the futures of workers. 

Zoe Piper
Work Design Lead

With a non-traditional career path and a wonderful portfolio career, Zoe Piper is a perfect example of the future of workers. In addition to her own two start ups and consulting, she is a Council Member of AICD, A Canberra Economic Advisory Group Member, an Adjunct Associate Professor and many other things!

Zoe operates at the intersection of of industry, research and government and brings rich, diverse and global perspective. She has a pragmatic and accessible to work design that supports non-tradition career paths and work preferences.

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We practice what we preach!

Our core team is made up of exceptional Werkling Talent Members. 

These Talent Members spend a portion of their week working in the Werkling team and the rest of their week working on gigs with our fantastic Business Members.  

We are currently drawing on talent members for Werkling's content and social media . And, yes, we promise to share!