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Attract & Retain Talent: How to design work people want

Werkling has collaborated with Nicola Harrison, Werkling Talent Member and brilliant founder of Therefore Talent, to broaden and challenge the conversation around the design of work.

The factors that determine the experience of your people (the How, When, Where, What, Why and Who) are being rigorously evaluated against their new expectations of work and flexibility.

Mastering the right recipe in the design of work is the secret to attracting and retaining the best people.

The unicorn buster: A simple approach to work design

Also known as the Unicorn Buster, this quick and practical work design tool will help you break down the work that needs to be done and turn it into well-designed gigs and jobs

This tool can be used both in a workshop setting and as an on-the job tool for individual leaders.

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The Future of Wellbeing at Work (session recording)

Join Reanna Browne (Work Futurist) and Lorraine Makumbe (Health & Wellbeing Advisor) as we reimagine healthy workplaces & wellbeing in a post-lockdown world.


In this 40 minute session, we explore new work patterns, opportunities and innovation, as well the strategies leaders should be thinking about right now to enable a "well workforce".

Please excuse the typical scrappy (and sweary start)... we could have edited but far prefer to keep things real!