Empowering NFPs with WerkInKind – Apply Now!

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Empowering NFPs with WerkInKind: Apply for the September 2024 Round!


Werkling’s WerkinKind initiative provides not-for-profit (NFP) organisations working with vulnerable communities the opportunity to access top-tier talent from Werkling. Our mission is to create a sustainable impact by embedding new capabilities within these organisations while offering our talent community valuable experience in the community sector.

We are excited to announce that applications for our September 2024 round will open on 15th July 2024 and close on 12th August 2024.

Apply here.


What to Expect

Successful NFP applicants will be matched with on-demand talent who will deliver a Werkling-sponsored project at no cost. These sponsored projects are funded by our generous Werkling talent community, who contribute a portion of their revenue to support the WerkinKind program.


Spotlight: Amber Community

One of the successful organisations selected in our 2023 WerkInKind round was Amber Community, a not-for-profit dedicated to reducing road trauma through counselling, education, and support services.

Amber Community faced challenges with online visibility, which impacted their engagement and donations. In 2023, they were struggling to reach their audience and potential supporters effectively.

Once selected, the matched Werkling created a multifaceted SEO and content strategy spanning six months. This included:

  • Establishment of content pillars
  • Development of a detailed social media content plan
  • Research and integration of keywords and phrases for SEO
  • Creation of six months’ worth of blog content
  • Comprehensive overhaul of all website content with SEO best practices across both front-end copy and back-end optimisation

Amber Community witnessed remarkable improvements:

  • Search engine rankings climbed
  • Page views increased by 47%
  • User engagement increased by 48%
  • Average engagement time increased by 58%

Bronwyn Saville, Marketing Manager at Amber Community, shared her experience:

“We can’t speak highly enough of [Werkling member’s] skills, knowledge, and work ethic. Her enthusiasm was contagious and made this project seamless. Thank you to Werkling for facilitating the sponsorship and this opportunity.”

Werkling CEO and Founder, Michelle Fotheringham, shares that:

“I am so impressed by the immediate impact that our amazing Werkling member was able to have on the Amber Community. They loved working with her, she loved working with them, and together they achieved great things… and, really, that’s what we are all about!.”


How to apply

If your NFP organisation is looking to enhance its impact and build new capabilities, we encourage you to apply for the WerkInKind program. This is a unique opportunity to access skilled talent that can drive significant positive change within your organisation.

Apply now: We look forward to receiving your application and working together to support vulnerable communities. 


Learn more about Werkling

Established in 2020, Werkling is a female-led start-up that provides businesses with a digital pathway to trusted on-demand talent. Werkling represents an alternative to static organisation structures, traditional recruitment and expensive consultant agencies.  They enable leaders to extend their teams and bring in specialist capability when they need it and leave it on the bench when they don’t.  Werkling matches business leaders directly with experienced, trusted and affordable on-demand talent, creates bespoke talent pools and curates handpicked project teams.

Werkling‘s on-demand talent works across disciplines such as marketing and communications, strategy and experience design, change and project management, and people and culture. 


To learn more about Werkling, head here, or contact us directly at hello@werkling.com.