For business leaders

Werkling exists to disrupt the way we design and resource organisations.  We bring the future of work to the present. 


On-demand Talent Panels

A traditional, static workforce is no longer fit for today’s dynamic environment.

An On-demand Talent Panel is an ongoing, trusted extension of your internal team.  Werkling partner with you to curate and select Talent Members for your panel, providing you with increased capacity and specialist capability when you need it, without being locked into fixed headcount costs.  


Learn more about our Talent Panels here.  


Talent matching

Werkling matches business leaders to known and trusted on-demand talent who deliver on your project and outcome-based needs.

Our talent community is made up of peer-recommended Talent Members (you know, independent consultants, freelancers and corporate escapees) who are referred to us by known top talent and all have inhouse experience. 

Provide us with a short Gig Brief and we'll be in touch to  recommend a Talent Member who comes highly recommended, has the proven experience, and is the perfect fit for your immediate need.


Invoicing services

Werkling facilitates the invoicing and payment of invoices for Talent and Business Members. 

Our Invoicing Services mean you only need to set Werkling up as a vendor - a big win if you are working with a cumbersome procurement process! It also makes it a whole lot easier to engage multiple Werklings for different needs across the business.

Learn about how different sized businesses tap into the Werkling Talent community here.


Find talent on-demand

​Leaders are increasingly turning to dynamic, future-proof workforce models and want quick, easy and affordable access to trusted and known gig talent.

Werkling provides a digital pathway to peer-recommended on-demand talent and on-demand teams, enabling leaders access the capability they need when they need it. 

Business membership

It's free, free, free for business leaders to sign up to Werkling.  You'll then pay a one-off Talent Matching fee when we hook you up with someone amazing.  

Leaders can also opt in to Gig Ready membership for $19.95/month.  Our Gig Ready Membership gives leaders 25% off Talent Matches, access to an exclusive leader network and a personalised interface for their trusted talent pool. For more information on our pricing model or if you have any questions, sign on up