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Futures of Work: Peer learning program


The purpose of this program is to provide people and culture and business leaders with a collaborative space where they can learn to think like a futurist and explore ways to connect future of work concepts with their actions today.


Facilitated by Werkling's Futurist-in-Residence, Reanna Browne, this monthly session provides dedicated time to lift up from the day-to-day and step into focused discussion around the futures of work.  Each session will hone in on the future from a specific angle, such as wellbeing, diversity or climate change.

The monthly sessions will run for 50 minutes and the group size will be limited to nine leaders. Reanna, who is an academically trained and practicing futurist, will frame the session topic and facilitate an engaging conversation around current signs of change, future possibilities and practical action that can be taken today.  


  • To help leaders look past the generic future of work narrative and explore specific areas of change

  • To provide space and guidance for leaders to build their 'futures thinking' muscle   

  • To provide an opportunity to learn from others in a diverse range of organisations  

  • To connect the dots between the futures of work and leader actions and inaction in the present

2023 Dates and cost:

Cohort 1($1650+gst): First Friday of the month, 10:00 - 10:40am (February - December, 2023) 

Cohort 2 ($1650+gst): TBC

Expression of interest:

If you are keen to sign up or learn more, please complete an expression of interest here

2022 Participants include: REA, Optus, Nestle, CSIRO and more

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