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The matching, gigging and invoicing process

Well done, you!

We are super happy to have recommended you for a gig opportunity!

Let's take a walk through the end-to-end gig process. Now that we have the Werkling platform to connect you with gigs, we can eliminate the pesky phone tag, and back and  forth emails between us, you, and the business leader.

Here's how it works...

Michelle :)


​Talent matching process

  1. The Gig Brief: Leaders will submit a brief in our platform, with just the right amount of information for us to match the right Werkling(s) to the gig. 

  2. The Talent Match: Based on your Talent Profile(s), gig reviews, referral strength and community involvement, we will identify the best talent members(s) to match to the gig. We usually recommend between one and three Werklings for an opportunity, depending on the leader's preference.

  3. The Decision: If we'd like to consider you for a gig match, you will receive a notification prompting you to either express interest ("Interested") or decline ("Decline") the gig on the platform.  

  4. The Gig Library: Yay! If you are Interested in the gig and would like to be recommended to the business leader, you'll need to make sure your Talent Profile is looking tip top. An important part of this is selecting the gigs from your Gig Library you'd like shown to the business leader. Once this is done, let us know that your Talent Profile is ready to roll ("Profile ready to be sent")

  5. The Recommendation: Once you have told us that your profile is ready, we will take a look.  If the gigs in your Gig Library are looking strong, we then submit it to the business leader.  You will be notified if/when the business leader would like to meet with you... a Calendly link in your account makes this so much easier! 

Important note: As you know, nothing is certain until it's locked and loaded. Needs change, other options are sourced, budgets disappear. We get it! It's disappointing for us too. We are doing our best to keep things moving and keep you updated but some gigs will fizzle.

Talent matching process

Locking it in

  1. The Discovery call: Once the business leader falls in love with your Talent Profile, they will request a meeting (make sure you have a Calendly link on the platform!). Once a meeting has been booked, please jump on the platform and enter the meeting date. We will leave you to scope the work and ask all the right questions in the meeting. You'll get into the details of what is needed, understand any constraints and what they are after in a proposal.

  2. The Proposal: Following the meeting jump onto the platform and let us know how it went. You will tell us that the meeting has happened ("Meeting complete") and if a proposal was requested ("Proposal requested").  After you select both of these options, the Proposal tab will appear. Here you will come back to the leader with a proposed approach, key deliverables, milestones, your T&Cs directly in the platform. They will be notified once you have submitted (there is no need to email them too!). The leader may accept, decline or request an adjustment to the proposal via the platform. In any case you will receive a notification.    

  3. The Confirmation: Once you have the green light, and have an agreement in place between you and them (remember, the agreement for the delivery of the work is between you and the business!), we will check in with the leader to see if they wish to utilise Werkling's Invoicing Services (see below) and we will let you know. The invoicing frequency will be as per you proposal - 100% upfront, Milestones, 50% upfront/50% at conclusion, or Monthly. ​​

Important note: Please include the following copy in your proposal/SOW:


Cost: xxxxxx +gst

Plus a Werkling Talent Matching fee: 10.5% of gig value (with Gig Ready Membership)


This is a < Talent business name> x <Client business name> collaboration made possible by Werkling. The contract setting out the services between the parties will be determined separately from Werkling, but the invoicing will be facilitated by Werkling at the direction of the parties.

Lockin it i
Proposal wording

Kick off

  1. The Gig: It's time for you to shine!  You deliver as promised, letting the leader know if there are any changes to scope, approach or timelines (or anything else that has been agreed to).

  2. The Touch Base:  We'll usually check in with you and the leader to see how things are travelling.

  3. The Wrap: Let us know when you are done and dusted ("Gig complete" ) in the platform when you're all done and we'll send the leader a quick, confidential survey and connect with you to see about how it all went.  To keep the career karma coming, you'll make a ThankBank contribution.

Kick off


Scenario 1: Werkling Invoicing Services

This is where the business member has engaged Werkling for their Invoicing Services. 

Usually the invoicing arrangement is for 50% upfront and 50% at the conclusion but may also be 100% upfront or monthly (sorry, we are unable to facilitate weekly invoicing). You will indicate your preference when you submit your proposal.

At the agreed points in time, you will upload your invoice, addressed to Werkling, to the platform.

Werkling will facilitate the payment of the invoice to you, the Talent member, within two business days of the Business Member paying the Werkling invoice.

Please remember to :

  • Include the gig reference number on your invoice (you will find this on the Gig Brief for the gig).

  • Use a due date of 32 days (most businesses have 30 day terms and we will pay within 48hours - if the business pays sooner we will pay ASAP)

  • Deduce your 1% ThankBank contribution from your invoice as a line item, formatting the invoice as follows:

Scenario 2: Direct-to-business invoice

This is where the business member has advised Werkling that you, as the Talent Member delivering the work, are to invoice the business directly.

You will invoice them at at agreed points that you have outlined in your agreement.

Where you have invoiced the business directly, you will make your ThankBank contribution here.

invoicing wording.png

At the agreed points in time, you will upload your invoice, using the above format, to the platform.


Here’s how: 

  1. Log into your account

  2. Go to the “Your Gigs” tab

  3. Click on the gig you need to upload an invoice for

  4. Head to the “Actions” section at the top

  5. Upload the invoice in the field provided

  6. Indicate that you've included the ThankBank deduction and if it's the final invoice by ticking the boxes

  7. Upload invoice!

upload invoice.png
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