How it all werk, werk, werks

our gig matching process

Brief a gig

Give us a quick snapshot of your needs, an idea of budget (if you can!), and the skill sets needed to deliver.

  • Select the specialist domains needed for the project
  • Add other leaders and decision makers to the brief so they can interact with the matching process.
Review matches

Within 24 hours, you’ll be matched with amazing on-demand talent from our community. Review their Werkling Profile and book in a meeting.

  • Preview their profile and browse the Werkling’s experience, qualifications and mini case studies of relevant projects they’ve delivered.
  • Chat with the Werkling team at every stage of the process.
Book a meeting

Drop in a time to meet with the recommended Werkling with quick and easy access to their Calendly link.

  • In the meeting, you’ll get to know the Werkling, their experience, their approach and their ways of working.
  • They’ll scope the project and outcome you are after in more detail.
Request a proposal

After you’ve connected and have been dazzled by the Werkling, you can request and review a proposal for the project.

  • The proposal will cover off the approach, costs, timing and other elements you’ve requested.
  • If an adjustment is required (e.g. a later kick off date), you can provide feedback with just a few clicks and receive a revised proposal.
Kick off
Once you’ve signed off on the proposal and have an agreement in place, it’s time to get to werk, werk, werk.
  • Document the engagement with the recommended talent and make sure  Werkling is set up as a supplier to facilitate invoicing.
  • Your Werklings will be added to your WerkBench so you can easily access them again.
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