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We solve your procurement headaches

Werkling’s Invoicing Services are a real time saver. After all, who has the capacity to be onboarding a new supplier every time you want to engage independent talent!
After you have given the proposal the green light and have an agreement in place with the fabulous Werkling, we can provide our magic Invoicing Services to facilitate and aggregate invoices from the Werkling, or Werklings,  that you are engaging.

So. Good.


We build your Talent Bench

Yes, we connect you with on-demand talent for that immediate need (you know, the thing you needed yesterday!) but we also curate talent solutions to set you up for the future. 
Our interactive Talent Benches give leaders quick and easy digital access to procurement and SME approved independent talent.

Talent Benches serve as an digital extension of your internal team; bring them in when you need them and leave them on the bench when you don't!

talent bnch
Gig ready

How we help


We match you to amazing talent

We make it pretty darn easy.

Give us a brief brief (not a typo… all we need is a short brief…) and we’ll match you to exceptional, known and trusted independent talent from within our Werkling community.
From there, you can book in a time to meet them and request a proposal and then its all systems go.

Our platform makes it all super slick. 


We curate bespoke project teams

Problem too big or complex for just one person? Never fear.

There is nothing that Werklings love more than collaborating on a juicy gig. Submit a gig brief and we'll curate a multi-disciplinary, Werkling-led team with the complementary skills to deliver the business outcome.

Leaders have visibility of each team member, hand-picking a diverse, experienced and values-led team. It a pretty amazing agency alternative!


We get you Gig Ready

For leaders: Book in a free Micro Consult where we'll explore your needs, share advice on where to from here and help get you off and running.

For teams: We offer free 20min or 40min Gig Ready Workshops that easily slot into existing team meetings or lunch ‘n learn sessions. Get in touch to book a session in!

For organisations: We'll help you pilot, play and parallel with blended workforce solutions, modenise your talent strategy or reimaging your organisation design.  Get in touch to explore.

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