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So wait, what do you do?

Werkling is a community of peer-recommended independent talent, who can be tapped into through our sweet talent marketplace.  


Who are "Independent talent"?

Independent talent are those who have opted out of the traditional employment model and work in project or gig-based engagements, rather than in a job.

You might also know them as freelancers, independent consultants, professional gig talent or corporate escapees.

Are you really a community?

Yup. We are so much more than a transactional talent marketplace.
Werkling is a living and breathing community that provides a sense of belonging and inclusion in the emerging professional gig economy.  Our talent have a range of opportunities to connect and collaborate with each other.

We know that we are better together, and as a community can achieve great things.


So how do you work with business leaders?

Leaders give us a quick snapshot of their needs, and we provide them with a talent recommendation.

No jobs boards. No sifting through profiles and proposals. No shortlisting. And certainly no long listing.

We simply tell you who the best person for the gig is and why. And… Make.  It. Happen.

It’s quick, easy and pretty darn impressive

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