Membership plans

Werkling operates on a very friendly and wildly transparent membership model.

We are on a mission to disrupt traditional, commission-based talent sourcing and the over-reliance on big (and pricy!) consultancy agencies. 

Talent membership

After their free 30 day trial, Werkling's talent members pay a small membership fee. Werkling puts 20% of talent member fees towards providing free gigs for NFP and social enterprise. 

Until 1 March 2021, talent memberships will operate a judgement-free pay what you want basis. Select from the three price points provided or contact us to set up an alternative amount.  

Business membership

A Werkling membership gives business leaders priority access to an exceptional on-demand talent pool.  

The Fonz (Bronze) membership

For businesses with an infrequent need for on-demand talent

This is a fab option for startups or leaders within a larger organisation who need fast and affordable access to trusted on-demand talent a few times a year. Sign up here.

Sterling (Silver) membership

For teams or SMBs with a more frequent need for on-demand talent

This membership is perfect for leaders who need to quickly extend their team or bring in different capability every couple of months. Sign up here.

Future Ready (Gold) membership

For those transitioning to a more dynamic organisation model

If the professional gig economy or contingent talent is a significant part of your workforce strategy, please contact us for a custom designed solution to meet your needs.

For leaders who want to try before they buy, we offer one-off Talent Matches for a fixed fee.  And for leaders who prefer to search for talent themselves, we offer a DIY Membership.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

Case Study #1:  Bringing in a specialist

A People and Culture (P&C) team are on the hunt for a Human Centered Design (HCD) gun to help them reimage and co-design their post-COVID workspace.

They have a modest budget and want to partner with a designer who will provide them with the tools and support to not only deliver the project but upskill their internal team.

A google search points then to the "best" design agencies. These agencies put together proposals in the realm of $80k and aren't budging.

They pop together a super brief Gig Brief and, within a matter of hours, Werkling connects with them with a peer recommended and business reviewed human centered designer who loves to take a collaborative approach and quickly turns around a proposal for less than $20k.

The People and Culture team are thrilled. Werkling's Talent Member is one of the best in the biz, is an amazing cultural fit and, well, just gets it. Quick. Easy. Fabulous.

Cash saved: ~$40k

Werkling's capability domains are quickly expanding. Our community's current capabilities are captured here however custom capability solutions are curated for Gold business members.    

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