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Extend your on-demand network

Updated: Jun 9

When leaders need on-demand talent, they go to their trusted professional network. When their network, can't deliver, they come to Werkling.

We know this is all a little new so here are a few of the questions that we often get asked...

How does Werkling work?

You tell us a little about your project or capability need and we'll send you an email matching you to exceptional on-demand talent. You'll review their Talent Profile and ask for an introduction. After you and our on-demand talent discuss your needs in a bit more detail, they'll come back to you with a proposal.

How do I engage Werkling's on-demand talent?

Most leaders engage our talent as a vendor or supplier. Some organisation have procurement processes requiring talent to be paid via a third party payroll or want to invoice Werkling. We're super flexible and will work with whatever is easier for you.

How much does Werkling cost?

Werkling will understand your budget and our on-demand talent will detail their pricing in their statement of work (either as a day rate or outcome). As for Werkling, we charge a one-off Talent Matching fee. Gig Ready business members save 25% off Talent Matching fees.

What if I want to use the on-demand talent again?

Knock yourself out! They are in your trusted professional network now! Werkling only ever change a Talent Matching fee once per individual, panel or team. After that you're free to use the talent as much as you'd like. We'll even build you a custom interface where you can manage your network.

Do you have a different question? Pop it in the comments or send us an email.