White paper | Re-engaging impacted employees

In March 2020, it became apparent that the working patterns of all Australians were about to change dramatically. Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, workplaces were forced to respond with vigour. As businesses wrestled with their response, we saw the employee impact start to play out. This impact differed across industries and businesses.

Werkling started to hear stories on both sides of the equation: examples of how organisations were implementing their workforce response; and stories of the employee experience (EX). We were keen to learn more. We were intrigued by how the workforce response would impact future retention, engagement and performance.

With the knowledge that many organisations were focused on their short term survival, Werkling felt that they could add value through a deeper exploration of the workforce impacts post-economic recovery. A small, passionate project team from the Werkling talent community was formed to explore the following problem statement:

How might we ensure that businesses have a workforce that is ready, willing and able to perform as trade ramps back up?

In this white paper, we share six key themes that were identified, and provide insights for leaders working within this context. You can download the paper here: