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The world of on-demand talent

The talent ecosystem is changing.

This change is being driven by an organisational need for more nimble and dynamic workforces and by evolving preferences in the way top talent want to work.

Let's explore some of the common ways that businesses are engaging on-demand talent:

On-demand talent: Freelancers, independent consultants and professional gig talent who step into organisations on a short-term basis to deliver an outcome. Depending on the nature of the work, they often charge per agreed deliverable (ie statement of work) or by an agreed daily rate. On-demand talent may work as an individual or collaborate with others as a bespoke team.

Talent Panel: A curated pool of on-demand talent with a capability that's often required by the business (e.g. change management, communications, or facilitation). On-demand talent will go through a selection process with the internal subject matter expert (i.e. panel owner), have agreed terms and rates in place, and have a strong understand of the organisation. The approved panel can be accessed and engaged by stakeholders within the business.

Advisor or coach: Sometimes on-demand talent is not engaged to deliver business outcomes themselves but to coach, mentor or advise a leader within the organisation. This is often in support of a leader's development needs or to bring in an external, specialised perspective. The engagement may be one-off but typically extends over a number of months.

Retainer: On-demand talent who have an arrangement with an organisation for services they provided on an ongoing basis. Retainers typically are a set fee that’s paid to on-demand talent on a monthly basis in exchange for a set number of hours or ongoing availability.

It's time to think more strategically & expansively about your workforce. The future of work is driven by our action and inaction today. If you would like to learn more or chat about a need within your organisation, please book a free Micro Consult with one of our Gig Ready Experts.