The four modern talent challenges: Capability, Capacity, Urgency and Fluidity

Unless you’ve been hiding in that blanket fort in your lounge, the chances are you’ve already heard about the ‘great resignation’, or the mass exodus of talented people looking for new opportunities.

It’s driven by a few things; thawing recruitment freezes, people being ready for a new challenge, increased market confidence, certain industries opening up again, and of course, people escaping companies or leaders who are mandating a return into the office … the list goes on.

Understandably, this shift is putting pressure on teams as they work with reduced headcount, compete fiercely to recruit, spend time onboarding new colleagues, and not to mention current lockdown challenges. Phew.

What we’re hearing from leaders is that this perfect storm is emphasising the four reasons why on-demand talent (you know... freelancers, independent consultants, professional gig talent and corporate escapees) is such a powerful part of the modern talent ecosystem.

1. Capability: You need something you don’t have.