Werkling: The story so far

Here we are! Werkling! Making the professional gig economy a little more human and reimagining how leaders find trusted and super impressive on-demand talent.

We are so excited to share our virgin blog post and tell you a little about the journey that we have been on since October 2019. You know… way back when we were able to leave the house.

An idea based on lived experience

Having both worked in inhouse roles and as independent consultants, we (Fi and Michelle) felt there must be a better way for leaders to tap into the professional gig economy and for on-demand talent to connect with each other. The idea for a commission-free, community-centric model seemed pretty fab but before we started popping champagne corks, we embarked on some pretty extensive customer research.

Customer research

We met with business leaders, start-up founders, procurement folks, people and culture gurus, comms leaders, strategy guns, community development leaders, freelancers and independent consultants, consulting partnerships and corporate executives. That’s a lot of coffees.

Everyone was so generous with their time and each and every conversation moved us forward. We busted some assumptions and we validated others. We reflected on our insights after every conversation and tweaked our value proposition as we progressed. We also started to get just a wee excited. We were on to something.

Our platform

Half way through our interviews we started building our MVP website. We built, we tweaked, we built some more and continued tweaking as we learnt from our customer interviews.

Our public website went live at the start of April and our member-only pages are coming very, very, VERY soon!

As soon as the member-only pages are tested, we will be onboarding those fabulous folk who have signed up to be a part of our (totally free) Private Beta Group. We have some amazingly talented people and phenomenal business leaders who will be in our Beta (we have just about closed the free Beta Group but email us to register your interest).

First few events

We have already had a couple of virtual events. A “Gang Hang” that was a chance for new faces to connect and chat about how they are travelling during this crazy time. We have also had a Peer Learning Sesh where business members and talent members came together to share their virtual facilitation tips. Both events have been super energising and valued by our members

There are another three rather unique member events scheduled for May. We can’t wait!

Bloody COVID-19

Is there a business that hasn’t been affected by this monster? Unless you are in the booze or toilet paper game, chances are that times have got a little tough.

In most industries, consulting spend has dried up and so the number of gigs on the table for our amazing talent is pretty light on. Never fear. Here is our plan for the next little while...

  • Bring people together: One of the things that Werkling set out to tackle was the isolation felt by those working as freelancers. It turns out that for the time being everyone’s a little isolated! Werkling will continue to create our community, and find interesting and unique ways to create connections for our business and talent members.

  • Chances to shine: We will find new and interesting ways to help our amazing talent showcase just how fab they are. We will explore ways to work together and make a contribution during this mass disruption.

  • Curated career karma: We will support our budget-less business members where and when we can. We believe that what goes around comes around. We will find ways for our Werkling talent to jump in and help.

What’s next?

The gig economy was growing. Fast. We believe that on the other side of COVID-19, there will be an even greater demand for professional gig talent.

Leaders will need increasingly agile and dynamic work teams.

Leaders will need a transparent and commission-free way to tap into the professional gig economy.

Leaders will need quick access to trusted, high quality on-demand talent to help them navigate the new normal.

Leaders will need Werkling.

And here we will be.

Wanna learn more about Werkling? Head to our home page and explore werkling.com.