Free resources

Creating nimble teams

Work is not static. And in the modern world of work, leaders must be ready to quickly augment their teams around changing market conditions, customer needs and business priorities.

Download this one-pager that provides practical advice on how to reimagine your team design.

Modern talent landscape

With both talent preferences evolving and organisations seeking more nimble workforce designs, the talent ecosystem is entering a new era.

This resource provides a snapshot of the expanding talent ecosystem.

Professional gig economy cheat sheet

Driven by both an organisational need for a more nimble workforce and changing individual work preferences, the professional gig economy has arrived.

This handy one pager that provide six data points that will help start the conversation in your organisation.

How to move fast when workload exceeds resources

In this resource, we’ll walk you through your options and show you how to accelerate the process of getting a gig kicked off with independent talent.

Covering: Documenting gig requirements, sourcing independent talent, and setting talent up for success.

Work design tool

Also known as the Unicorn Buster, this quick and practical work design tool will help you break down the work that needs to be done and turn it into well-designed gigs and jobs.

This tool can be used both in a workshop setting and as an on-the job tool for individual leaders.