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Talent community

Werkling is here to change the game for freelancers, independent consultants and corporate escapees.

The traditional employment model isn’t for everyone. More people wanting to design their life and their work in a different way and we are here to help. 
We're so much more than a gig platform.


Join like-hearted professionals as we foster as sense of belonging and inclusion in the professional gig economy​.
Werkling gives you the important sense of community that's often missing for independent talent. 


Werkling are an important voice of the professional gig economy. We challenge organisations to think differently about how they design and resource work.


We are a part of the next revolution of work and so is our growing talent community.


We connect our talent opportunity to gigs that align to their interests, experience and strengths.
We work with organisations of all shapes, sizes and stages, matching them with the very best independent talent.

Are you interested in becoming a Werkling?

We have two great membership options:

Talent Membership

This is for independent talent who have been referred by existing Talent Members or business leaders within our network.


Community Membership

Anyone is welcome to join Werkling as a Community Member! You do not need to know someone in the network for this membership.


View membership pricing here.

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