Creating social impact

Werkling is a professional community with heart.

We live in awe of those individuals and organisations who dedicate themselves to helping Australia's most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.  We want to help these organisations in any way we can.


While we are not at the front line, we do look for ways that our capabilities can help those organisations doing good out there. There are a few ways that we do this:

Our on-demand talent have kindly agreed to discount their rates for not-for-profit organisations and social enterprise.


Werkling offer discounted talent matching fees for not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises.

Werkling connect their on-demand talent with interesting, rewarding and high impact pro-bono work with not-for-profit organisations.

Werkling puts 50% of talent member 'ThankBank' contributions towards providing free gigs for not-for-profit and social enterprises.

If you are a not-for-profit organisation or social enterprise who would like to learn more, please contact us for a chat.​