Community FAQs

The Werkling community membership includes access to our Community Slack Workspace, discounts on tools and resources such as co-working spaces and wellness apps, operational resources, and networking opportunities. Members can access a range of Werk Perks, business tools, and connect through weekly Co-Werking sessions, meet-ups, and programs. Professional growth is fostered through workshops, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing, creating a well-rounded support system for our members.

Werkling is not a transactional gig platform. Why? We know that it can be kinda isolating working independently. We want to create a sense of belonging and inclusion for like-hearted giggers. Yes, if a gig lands on your lap it’s a lovely win but our Community membership is about so much more than the gigs.  

We are all ears! Drop your idea on the #talent-talk channel on Slack and see what others have to say. We are always looking for new and meaningful ways to add value to our Community Offering.

Werkling is different to those ‘job board’ style freelancing platforms out there. On those platforms, gigs are posted and talent members are in an application frenzy, which results in a lot of people (both talent and leaders!) investing a lot of time. 

Over here, we know that time is precious and leaders just want to know who the best possible person is for the gig. Werkling provides on-demand talent recommendations to business leaders when they have an immediate need. ​ Werkling talent are matched to gigs based on their talent profile, their referral strength, their past gig performance and their community contribution. 

Nope. The only thing that comes out of your Werkling-generated revenue is your ThankBank contribution. You can read more about this here.  We charge Business leaders a matching fee which is on top of your day rate and/or fixed cost.

You sure can. Talented people know talented people. To refer someone as a Talent Member, just make sure you can answer a big old ‘Yes” to these three questions.

1. Have you worked with them closely before?

2. Are you itching to work with them again?

3. Can you put your professional name to them?

If so, refer away. You can refer talent by providing them with your customer referral link which is found in your Account Settings on the platform. Anyone is welcome to sign up as a Community Member.

You have access to your own unique referral code that lives in the account settings of your profile. Follow the directions below to find & send it to your peers.

1. Log into your account

2. Go to the “Account Settings” tab in the left-hand sidebar

3. Click “Email and Password”

4. Copy & paste your unique referral link to your peer

Yes, we do. We typically check in once the gig has kicked off and then, at the end of the engagement, will send the Business leader a Gig Review Form. We ask the Business leader if they are ok with us sharing the feedback with the Werkling and as long as they give us the ok, we will share it with you. The feedback is not visible to any other talent, community or business member.

To cancel your membership, just send us an email at To make changes to your account, head into the platform where you can update your payment information, contact details and other account information

Definitely. We have had some great examples of WerkTeams (Werklings working in teams) who have delivered some exceptional outcomes.  WerkTeams come about in a few different ways:

  • Sometimes a Business leader briefs Werkling on a gig that is just too big or complex for one Werking or the matched Werkling doesnt have enough capacity to take it on themselves.
  • Sometimes a Werkling asks us to match them to another Werkling to collaborate on a project.  We are happy to match but a reduced matching fee will apply.
  • Sometimes a Werkling puts a call out on Slack to find someone to collaborate with… and this is totally A-OK.

We look at your Talent Profile and Gig Library for relevant experience and capabilities. We also consider past Werkling gig performance, peer-referral strength, community involvement and our conversations and interactions with you. 

Head to our Gig Process page for an in depth explanation of how it works. 

You get visibility of the gigs we match you to, not all of the gigs as they come through. The last thing we (or you!) want is multiple people investing time in “bidding” for work. Ew. We trust our matching process and leaders love being matched to the best-fit Werkling. We appreciate that in some cases there will be multiple Werklings who would do an equally excellent job at nailing the gig and this can feel frustrating for those who are not matched. That being said… Our promise to you: At the end of each month we will provide an overview of the in-flight gigs and the domains they cover.

Reach out to Kirsten on Slack or via email ( and she will work with our developer to resolve the case ASAP. Alternatively, if you have general feedback about the platform or a suggestion for a feature that you think would improve the user experience, please drop it in the #feedback-and-features channel in Slack

Our platform is built for desktops only at this time. Mobile is next on the list!