Our talent domains

The skills and experience of Werkling talent members mostly fit in the following buckets (for now!). 

Our Talent Members are pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves. 


They are all corporate escapees; this means they have experience working within a range of organisations and are not "consultant consultants" (you know what we mean...). They know how to deliver pragmatic solutions with sustainable impact.

Marketing & communications

Brand management
Content & copywriting
Corporate & marketing comms
Digital & social media marketing 
Marketing strategy
Public relations

Strategy & change 

Business strategy


Transformation & change  

Organisation design

Organisation performance

Project management

Learning & leadership

Learning design
Learning facilitation
Leadership development
Leadership facilitation
Team effectiveness

Customer & experience 

Community development
Sales enablement
Human centred design
Innovation strategy
Industry & market research

Customer service

Future of work

Agile ways of working
Innovation capability
People technology
Remote & hybrid work
Future work models
Workforce planning

People & culture

Culture & engagement
Diversity & inclusion
Performance & talent
People strategy & advisory
Talent acquisition
Remuneration & benefits


Werkling has digitised three on-demand talent realities

  1. Talented people know talented people. 

  2. Leaders like to find on-demand talent through a trusted network

  3. Talented people are selective in who they’ll recommend... their reputations are on the line!


To be flagged as a Peer Recommended member, talent must be recommended by an existing member, just as they would if they were recommending talent directly for a gig. 


Between this and regular feedback from business leaders, we know that our talent community is the cream of the crop.