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Handy resources

Whether you are just getting started or want to check out some alternatives, these tools can come in handy 

Cost and time tracker

Those who base their gigs on fixed costs for the outcome to be delivered (i.e. not an ongoing day rate) will love our super simple costing sheet and time tracker .

Proposal builder

Everyone has a slightly different approach to creating proposals and there's no one best way! If you're after some tips or want to take a peek at a different approach, check out our template. 

Talent tips

Learning plan

Werkling's all about bringing fresh perspectives, innovation and the latest thinking to business leaders.  To support your commitment to growth, here's a learning plan template we like.

Invoice template

If you're yet to move to accounting software (e.g. Xero), this template helps you generate invoices quickly and easily. Chat to your accountant for advice on GST and other requirements.

Create learning plan

Quick reads

How to design work people want

The factors that determine the experience of your people (the How, When, Where, What, Why and Who) are being evaluated against their new expectations of work and flexibility.


Mastering the right recipe in the design of work is the secret to attracting and retaining the best people. Download here.

Work design tool 

Also known as the Unicorn Buster, this quick and practical work design tool will help you break down the work that needs to be done & turn it into well-designed gigs and jobs.

It'll save you looking for something that doesn’t exist. Unlike mermaids who totally exist. Download here.

Short courses @ RMIT Online

Backed by one of Australia's best universities, RMIT Online have kindly offered Werkling members a discounted rate on their six and eight week courses. 


There are a range of courses including Design Thinking for Innovation, User Experience Design, Digital Leadership and Customer Experience Strategy & Design.  Please shoot us an email if you'd like to be sent the discount code.


Peer learning and collaboration

Slack WerkSpace

Our talent community chats and shares regularly on Slack.  #talentalk is our channel for messages to the whole community and there's a channel set up for each capability domain.

Werk Events

Connect with the cool kids at one of our events. Check out the events page for one off events or head here for our regular community sessions. 

Werk Teams

If you have an opportunity that you want to collaborate with another Talent Member on , send us a short email telling us about the gig and the capability set you are looking for. 

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