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Your on-demand talent strategy

We help you identify the core capabilities that you need inside your organisation and the capabilities that make sense to access on-demand.

Yes, we connect you with awesome on-demand talent for that immediate need you have (you, know the thing you needed yesterday!) but we also curate on-demand talent solutions to set your organisation up for success in the future.  

Werkling proactively create on-demand talent pools that are a trusted extension of your team.  We get them are all set up and ready to go for when you need them... bring them in when you need them and leave them on the bench when you don't.


Book a Gig Ready consult to chat about your on-demand talent strategy and the the rapidly evolving modern talent ecosystem.   

Bespoke talent pool

For the capabilities most commonly accessed on-demand, avoid expensive consulting agencies and the last minute ring around with an on-demand talent panels. 

You might set up On-Demand Talent Panels for capabilities like executive coaching, facilitation, communication experts, experience designers or strategists or other talent domains.


Engaged & connected talent

Create a sense of community and real engagement with your on-demand talent, embracing them as an extension of your internal team. 

Your talent panel will be briefed on your ways of working, given regular business updates, receive weekly communications and have access to Werkling's learning events and resources. 

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Easy leader access

Create an interactive On-demand Talent Panel that is accessible to select leaders within your business. 

Leaders will log on and access your pre-selected, know and trusted on-demand talent. Our panel solution empowers leaders to tap into on-demand talent while ensuring quality and cost efficiency.




Engage on-demand talent in a way works for your business. Werkling work around your procurement processes and offer centralised invoicing solutions.

Your talent panel will provide leader access to on-demand talent who are all set up to go, and have completed any security, safety or compliance requirements.

Shoot us an email to learn more about how we can support your On-demand Talent Strategy.

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