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No, we are not a consultancy.

and we aren't recruiters either...

We are a talent marketplace, connecting business leaders with our amazing community of peer-recommended talent.

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Our community is home to some pretty darn talented humans.

These are professionals who have escaped the traditional employment model and are now working as independent talent or micro consultancies, drawing on their incredibly successful career to have impact across a number of organisations.


The intersection between tech and community is a pretty special place

Our platform provides a fast and easy way to tap into this exceptionally high quality talent pool that, quite frankly, is like no other.  Our community is special because...


We know them


We love them


We trust them


We recommend them

We match business leaders to our amazing talent community

Leaders give us a quick snapshot of their needs, and we provide them with a talent recommendation. No jobs boards. No sifting through profiles and proposals. No shortlisting. And certainly no long listing. We simply tell you who the best person for the gig is and why. And… Make.  It. Happen.

It’s quick, easy and pretty darn impressive. 

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