Ways of Werking

We are a community of like-hearted professionals and these values help us thrive.

people first

We care about each other, and the organisations and their people that we work with.​

Career karma

We help each other out and share our knowhow. Swing and roundabouts! We reckon if you put some good out there and it will all come back to you.

get the vibe

We are a part of the Werkling community in order to be a part of the Werkling community. We have realistic expectations and know it's not all about the gigs.

hassle free

We don’t believe in the hard sell. We invest in two-way relationships and let our work speak for itself. We always keep it classy and match enthusiasm levels.

true to our word

We deliver as promised and give our all to every community interaction, event and gig. We leave a trail of positive impact behind us.

growth mindset

We invest in our ongoing learning and stay open to new ideas. We listen to and appreciate the feedback we are given.