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Why Werkling?

We have a pretty unique proposition.  There are plenty of reasons to werk, werk, werk with Werkling.



We understand the changing world of work

Talent preferences are evolving and organisations are craving more nimble, sustainable work models. It’s the perfect storm for the professional gig economy. And Werkling are at the forefront of this change, helping organisations to reimagine how they design and resource work. We have worked with organisations across Tech, Financial Services, Insurance, Government, Sport, Community Services, Manufacturing, Charities, Retail & eCommerce, Infrastructure and beyond to deliver hundreds of high impact gigs.



We offer a modern talent solution

Our platform is built for precision and pace. No job boards, no gig bidding, no short listing or all that traditional, time consuming stuff. We simply match leaders with the the best possible human (or humans!) for the gig. We not only provide the technology to resource gig based work, but we provide access to a trusted, know and experienced community of exceptional independent talent. ​

Our talent are

Peer recommended
They have been referred to Werkling by known top talent. Talented people know talented people and that’s how we find the best of the best.

Our talent are

Have internal experience

They are not “career consultants”, they have spent most of their careers working in house in roles just like yours. So, they get it

Our talent are

Business reviewed

They are reviewed by the businesses that they’ve worked with and we gather all the fabulous feedback

Our talent are

Known & loved

They are a part of our community, and we know their strengths, interest and experience. We don’t advertise gigs or scurry around hunting for talent



We have *the* best talent

We are happy to reveal our secret sauce! There are four ways we ensure our talent are the best of the best.

We are not a transitional talent platform. We are a tech enabled talent community full of supremely experienced, like-hearted humans. Our community care deeply about the organisation that they work with. They recognise that while the work or the engagement might be short term, the relationship is long term. And Werkling can help you first this strategy relationship. We not only help with short term and one-off gigs but can help leaders create ongoing talent pools that serve as an extension of their core, internal team. This is the future of work.



We are deeply human

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