Our story

“The idea that companies need the same number of people, with the same capability, at the same time, all the time, is in conflict with today’s dynamic environment.”


In 2019, Michelle noticed more and more highly talented people opting out of the traditional employee-employer work model, and moving towards portfolio careers and the professional gig economy.

It was this observation, along with a heightened business need for more nimble and dynamic workforce models, that led to the creation of Werkling.

Meet the team

Michelle Fotheringham

Founder & CEO

Michelle has extensive experience in people and organisation development roles, both in-house and as a senior consultant. She has worked across industries including automotive, FMCG, banking, NPF, utilities and government. She has a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and a Graduate Certificate of HRM.

Michelle is energised by connecting business leaders with Werkling’s amazing on-demand talent, and bringing together bespoke teams to solve big and complex business problems. She wants Werkling to be a place of inclusion, trust and exceptional know-how.

Kirsten McNeice

Head of Community

Kirsten came to Werkling with an Employer Brand & Journalism background working primarily for tech start-ups. As a community manager and digital marketing specialist, she’s spent her career helping organisations connect with their audiences through online platforms and digitising the community experience. 

With a passion for building active communities and a fascination with the intersection between human connection and technology, she’s developed a deep understanding of the digital landscape and the tools needed to nurture community growth.

Reanna Browne


Reanna is an academically trained and practising futurist with a background in: futures and strategic foresight, strategic workforce planning, business and workforce strategy, organisational design and development.  Her focus on the futures of work is complemented by her deep interest in the futures of workers.

Reanna’s combination of skills and education is unique to a small number of people across the globe and we are thrilled to have her as a part of the Werkling story. 

In recent years, the world of work has changed a lot. Like a lot, a lot.