Membership plans & fees

For Leaders.

Leaders pay a transparent matching fee on top of the project delivery costs that are agreed with the matched Werkling talent.

With a Gig Ready Leader Membership you will save 25% off the matching fee. 

Free Leader Membership

Talent Matching fee of 16%

When you create an account you will be provided with a free membership. You can transition over to a Gig Ready Membership at any time to nab the lower matching fee!

Includes Free Micro Consults.

Gig Ready Leader Membership

Talent Matching fee of 12% (10.5% for NFPs)

A Gig Ready Leader Membership is invoiced annually with your first gig invoice.  It’s applied per leader/user who is accessing talent. It’s a big saving on on your matching fees!

Includes Free Micro Consults, Werkling Invoicing Services, personal WerkBench showing your favourite Werklings.

Please note that Talent Matching fees are applied to all engagements between the Werkling talent and the leader and/or organisation within an 18month period from the commencement of the first gig. View our Terms and Conditions here.

If you are interested in Talent Pool pricing, Enterprise Pricing or Talent Team pricing, please get in touch.

For Talent

Werkling provides an affordable community membership for anyone working as on-demand talent.

If you are matched to an opportunity, the only amount deducted from your project revenue is 1% that is put into our social impact program, WerkinKind.  

Werkling Community Membership

FREE 30-Day Trial

Professionals working as on-demand talent within our capability domains are invited to join Werkling as a Community Member. 

While we welcome everyone into the community, please note that we do apply a strict (but friendly!) process when matching to gig opportunities.

If you are peer-referred via an existing Werkling member, please ask them for a referral link. 

How to sign up and get started

We can’t wait for you to get to know Werkling and achieve great things together!

STEP 1: Create an account

Leaders wanting to be matched to talent will create a Business Account.  This takes less than two minutes!

On-demand Talent wanting to join our community will create a Talent Account.

For Leaders

STEP 2: Brief a gig!

Now that you’re in, head to the Gigs section and click on New Gig. Provide a quick overview of your needs and we’ll come back to you with a talent recommendation for your project. 

For Talent

STEP 2: Profile time!

Once you’ve signed up, it’s time to fill in your Talent Profile. Be sure to add mini case studies to your Gig Library to showcase past projects that demonstrate your skills and experience. 

Need some additonal support?
Leaders, book a consult

If you would like to chat through your gig/project requirements and learn a little more about Werkling, please book a time here.

Talent, sign on up

If you are not sure if Werkling is your place in the world, we encourage you to sign up for a free 30 day trial. We look forward to meeting you at an Onboarding Session!