There are plenty of reasons to
werk with Werkling

Werkling helps leaders to augment their teams around immediate priorities.

We understand your needs and match you to highly experienced on-demand talent, fast. Explore how we help, who we help and why we help.

HOW we help in 5 easy steps

Brief a gig

Give us a quick snapshot of your needs, an idea of budget (if you can!), and the skill sets needed to deliver.

  • Select the specialist domains needed for the project
  • Add other leaders and decision makers to the brief so they can interact with the matching process.
Review matches

Within 24 hours, you’ll be matched with amazing on-demand talent from our community. Review their Werkling Profile and book in a meeting.

  • Preview their profile and browse the Werkling’s experience, qualifications and mini case studies of relevant projects they’ve delivered.
  • Chat with the Werkling team at every stage of the process.
Book a meeting

Drop in a time to meet with the recommended Werkling with quick and easy access to their Calendly link.

  • In the meeting, you’ll get to know the Werkling, their experience, their approach and their ways of working.
  • They’ll scope the project and outcome you are after in more detail.
Request a proposal

After you’ve connected and have been dazzled by the Werkling, you can request and review a proposal for the project.

  • The proposal will cover off the approach, costs, timing and other elements you’ve requested.
  • If an adjustment is required (e.g. a later kick off date), you can provide feedback with just a few clicks and receive a revised proposal.
Kick off
Once you’ve signed off on the proposal and have an agreement in place, it’s time to get to werk, werk, werk.
  • Document the engagement with the recommended talent and make sure  Werkling is set up as a supplier to facilitate invoicing.
  • Your Werklings will be added to your WerkBench so you can easily access again.

Curate a Talent Pool of your on-demand talent

For future-ready leaders and forward thinking TA teams, Werkling creates custom on-demand talent pools that act as an ongoing, strategic extension of the internal team.

On-demand talent pools are built with internal SMEs and can be accessed by other leaders within the organisation to seamlessly brief in gigs to approved Werkling talent.

Who we help.

Werkling partners with businesses of all sizes and across all industries, with leaders just like you.

Large, corporate & gov

Leaders within large organisations need access to:

  • Additional capacity during peak periods and critical project windows 
  • Specialist capability to supplement their core team strengths
  • External perspectives for complex challenges and to build internal capability

Start ups & tech

Leaders within rapidly scaling companies need access to:

  • Top talent without fixing excessive headcount into the business
  • Start-up experienced talent who have impact in high growth environments
  • Specialist capability to build internal maturity

Small & medium biz

Leaders within smaller businesses need access to:

  • A bench of trusted specialists they can tap into as required
  • Affordable talent options that fit their budget
  • People who deliver practical solutions that impact business performance

Why we help

Werkling exists to disrupt the way we design and resource organisations.

Talent scarcity.

It’s no secret that top talent is getting harder to find. The need to compete for skills is resulting in long-term vacancies and pressure on existing teams.

Leaders are looking to new and emerging talent pools to access talent that’s not available through the traditional employment model.

Dynamic environment.

A static organisational model hinders performance, slows down organisational responsiveness and overworks people during peak periods.

Today, leaders are building more nimble organisations that can be augmented around complex and changing business needs.

Professional gig economy.

Experienced professionals are reflecting on how they want to work and reconsidering the model that best meets their needs. 

For some, this means embracing gig-based work and a portfolio career. This talent segment can be “accessed” but not “acquired” .

Kind words from our clients
Would you like to understand our super transparent pricing model?
Do you want to be matched to exceptional on-demand talent?
Would you like to discuss how Werkling can support your business?

Sure can! In fact, that’s one thing that sets Werkling apart from other gig platforms. We are super happy to meet with leaders to help you scope your needs and create an outcome-focused gig brief. If you have a need, but aren’t sure where to start, book a time with the Werkling team.

We have *the* best talent (and humans!) across People and Culture, Change & Project Management, Marcomms and more (check out all of our domains here).  The professions within our talent community all work on-demand and have fabulous portfolio careers, meaning they do not work in a traditional job but are engaged by leaders to deliver high impact projects or services.

Our on-demand talent are typically 15-20 years into their dazzling careers and all have valuable inhouse experience under their belts. They are not “consultant consultants” (you know what we mean).  They understand the context that you are working in and how to deliver results.

Simply Sign up or Log in (top right of your screen… it only takes a minute and is free!). Once you’re in, you can drop a few details into a Gig Brief and we will get to matchin’. If you’d prefer to learn more first or discuss your needs, email us at or book a time here.

Werkling is different to those ‘search and pray’ or ‘job board’ style freelancing platforms out there. We know you don’t have time to trawl through dozens and dozens of bios and proposals from all over the world.

Your time is precious so we will simply tell you who the best on-demand professional (from within our known and trusted community!) is for your need. 

Werkling talent are matched to gigs based on their talent profile, their referral strength, their past gig performance and their community contribution.  You’ll be sent their talent profile via the Werkling platform and, after reviewing it, can organise a time to meet with them.

When you create an account you will be provided with a free membership. Leaders pay a transparent matching fee on top of the project delivery costs that are agreed with the matched Werkling talent. For more about membership fees and services, head here

Curious about how much the work you need done will cost? Get a gig cost estimate by giving us a bit of information about the need and we’ll be in touch within 24-hours with a cost estimate based on similar gigs our Werklings have delivered in the past.