At the heart of Werkling is our community

Let’s be honest. The traditional employment model isn’t for everyone.

More and more talented humans (just like you!) are wanting to design their life and their work in a different way, and we’re here to help.

Werkling creates a sense of community, belonging and peer-support for in-demand talent, freelancers and independent consultants working in the professional gig economy. 

We support our community in 3 ways

Werkling isn’t a transactional gig platform, we’re a living, breathing, active community and trusted partner to organisations. When you sign up to Werkling as a Community Member, you join a network of truly wonderful humans.  We know that we’re better together, and as a community can achieve great things.


Join a community of like-hearted professionals and find your people. 

We know that working as on-demand talent can be a little isolating at times, so we’re on a mission to reimagine what team, connection and inclusion looks like in the growing professional gig economy. 


Be a part of the next revolution of work, and so is our talent community.

We challenge organisations to think differently about how they design and resource work, shifting their thinking from talent acquisition to talent access.  We have a voice and advocate for our community.


Leaders know we have the very best on-demand talent within our community.

When you are in the Werkling community you are in the mix when an opportunity is briefed in. There are no certainties, and no promises, but you are in the mix. Our proven talent matching algorithm works and is trusted by leaders.

A Werkling membership gives you the opportunity to connect and collaborate with a brilliant community of like-hearted independent professionals. ​If you’re fabulous on-demand talent but it’s only the ‘Opportunity’ element that appeals to you, Werkling may not be the best fit.

Belonging is not just an “employee” thing. It’s a human thing.

We want our wonderful Werklings to thrive, both collectively and individually, in the professional gig economy.  Our community offering touches on Wellness, Resources, Social and Learning.


Our community’s wellbeing is important.

We provide a range of wellness product discounts and tools to help our community maintain a healthy work-life harmony. From fitness apps and meditation sessions to wellness workshops and mental health resources, we want our Werklings to be at their very best.


Our community can access the right tools.

We’ve organised discounts on a selection of software, technology, and business tools to help our members set up and streamline their operations. Whether it’s discounted business insurance, proposal templates, or other essential resources, we’ve got you covered.


Our community come together virtually and IRL.

We facilitate ways to connect and build lasting relationships with like-hearted professionals. From virtual co-working sessions and meet-ups, to in-person dinners and Christmas parties, we create a fun and welcoming space for our members to belong.


Our community is committed to their development.

We curate a range of programs to help our members learn from one another. Our professional development opportunities include access to workshops, learning circles, mentorship, and space to share knowledge and insights.

corporate escapee accelerator program (ceap)
CEAP is our six week program that supports like-hearted professionals to explore the realities of gig life and get the foundations in place for a successful portfolio career. The transition to gig life represents a huge shift. The aim of this program is to create a smooth transition for the next generation of corporate escapees.
Kind words from our community

Sure can! All on-demand talent are welcome to join Werkling and take advantage of our community offering. This includes virtual and in-person events, our community Slack channel, discounts and perks as well as tools and resources.

Please note that when we are matching talent to opportunities we do consider referral strength. This means that our matching algorithm factors in whether talent have been “peer referred” by known and trusted Werklings and leaders (but it also does look at other factors such as your community involvement!). 

Werkling is different to those ‘job board’ style freelancing platforms out there. On those platforms, gigs are posted and talent members are in an application frenzy, which results in a lot of people (both talent and leaders!) investing a lot of time. 

Over here, we know that time is precious and leaders just want to know who the best possible person is for the gig. Werkling provides on-demand talent recommendations to business leaders when they have an immediate need. ​ Werkling talent are matched to gigs based on their talent profile, their referral strength, their past gig performance and their community contribution. 

Our community membership is $19.95+GST/month.

If you are matched to an opportunity, the only amount deducted from your project revenue is 1% that is put into our social impact program, WerkinKind.  

For more about membership fees and services, head here

The Werkling team offers a comprehensive onboarding process throughout your 30-day free trial. 

This includes a virtual Onboarding Session with fellow newbies and a member of the Werkling team. During the session, you’ll be welcomed into the community and we’ll talk you through how it all werks and the Werkling why. 

For more information on what you can expect after joining, download this one-pager.

The Werkling community membership includes access to our Community Slack Workspace, discounts on tools and resources such as co-working spaces and wellness apps, operational resources, and networking opportunities. Members can access a range of Werk Perks, business tools, and connect through weekly Co-Werking sessions, meet-ups, and programs. Professional growth is fostered through workshops, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing, creating a well-rounded support system for our members.