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Amber Community

Strategic digital initiatives to amplify societal impact



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Mitcham, Victoria


Marketing & Communications


Amber Community, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the incidence and impact of road trauma, faced a critical challenge in 2023. Despite offering essential counseling and support services, their online visibility was limited due to underdeveloped SEO strategies. This hindered their ability to engage their audience, receive donations, and reach potential supporters, ultimately impacting their mission to make a difference in vulnerable communities.


In addressing the client’s requirements for bolstering online presence and engaging their target demographic, the Werkling orchestrated a multifaceted content strategy spanning six months. This included the development of a detailed social media content plan, the creation of a half-year’s worth of blog content, and the establishment of clear content pillars tailored to the intended audience. Through meticulous research, the Werkling identified and integrated pertinent keywords and key phrases to optimise content for heightened visibility. Additionally, a comprehensive overhaul of all website content was undertaken, with the implementation of SEO best practices across both front-end copy and back-end optimisation. Furthermore, the Werkling diligently attended to critical technical SEO prerequisites to ensure optimal website performance and bolstered search engine rankings.


The collaboration between our Werkling and Amber Community yielded impressive outcomes, reflected in a substantial enhancement in their online standing. With the implementation of effective SEO strategies, Amber Community witnessed a climb in search engine rankings, soaring from approximately 70 to 91, page views increased by 47%, user engagement increased by 48%, and average engagement time by 58%.  This improvement in visibility translated into a significant upsurge in website traffic and user engagement.

As a result of this work, Amber Community experienced heightened recognition of their services, bolstered donations, and increased community support. Beyond overcoming the initial challenge of limited online visibility, these achievements underscore how strategic digital initiatives can drive organisational growth and amplify societal impact.

The Werkling has regularly checked back in with us and provided additional training and support. We can’t speak highly enough of her skills, knowledge and work ethic. Her enthusiasm was contagious and made this project seamless. Thank you to Werkling for facilitating the grant and this opportunity.

~ Bronwyn Saville, Marketing Manager at Amber Community

This project was sponsored by WerkInKind, our social impact program that provides not-for-profit (NFP) organisations who work with vulnerable communities the opportunity to access amazing Werkling talent. Learn more about how you can apply for the grant here.