MAKR Office Space

Desk Space in Sandringham Village – 15% off standard day rate with free trial day for Werklings
Werkling Rachael Kelly of MAKR Consulting has a lovely little office right in the heart of Sandringham village, among cafes and bars, a stroll across the road to the beach, and an easy train ride into the city.  They have a couple of spare desks available for short or long-ish terms.
  • Minimum one month commitment
  • Minimum one day per week
  • Charges based on days per week used – Werkling rate is $25.50 per day (15% discount off our standard day rate of $30)
  • Includes use of meeting room, tea & coffee and a pretty solid supply of treats
Werkling deal
    • 15% off standard day rate ($25.50 ex GST per day, down from $30 ex GST per day)
    • One free day – use it just to have some company or a change of scenery (no obligations) or as a try before you buy
Reach out to Rachael and team via for more information on desks and days available, or if you’d like a to take advantage of a free day.