We want to do some good in the world while we’re at it.

Contributing to ThankBank! 

When Talent Members secure a gig via Werkling, you’ll contribute 1% of the gig value to the ThankBank. The ThankBank is used to fund our WerkinKind Program, sponsoring gigs for under-funded, community-based NFPs who work with Australia’s most vulnerable communities. 

It is expected that Talent Members make ThankBank contributions for all gigs generated within the first 18 months of the Werkling introduction. 

How you contribute to the ThankBank will depend on how the invoicing for the gig is structured: Werkling Invoicing Services or Direct invoicing. 

Werkling Invoicing Services

If Werkling is facilitating the invoicing between the business and you as the talent member, you will deduct 1% from your invoice to Werkling. Please make sure that the deduction is a separate line item as shown in the sample below.

Direct invoicing

For a variety of reasons, some businesses prefer the talent to invoice them directly for the engagement and Werkling to invoice separately for our feed. 

In this scenario you will make a ThankBank contribution via the following links, rounding to the nearest amount