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WerkinKind: A Hearts Days Work

Werkling's social impact program, WerkinKind, provides not-for-profit organisations who are working with vulnerable communities with the opportunity to access amazing Werkling talent. WerkinKind aims to have a sustainable impact, embedding new capabilities in not-for-profit organisations as well as providing our talent community with valuable experience in the for-purpose sector. 

Successful not-for-profit applicants will be matched to our exceptional on-demand talent who will deliver a Werkling sponsored project at no cost to the not-for-profit organisation.  These sponsored projects are funded by our Werkling talent community who contribute a portion of their Werkling generated revenue to the WerkinKind program.

Head here to read about our 2022 pilot round.


Eligible organisations and projects

Is my organisation eligible?

  • Are an Australian community-based not-for-profit organisation

  • Have a core purpose of serving vulnerable populations (as defined by The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission)  including but not limited to:

    • children and seniors

    • people with impaired intellectual or physical functioning

    • people from a low socio-economic background

    • people who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

    • people who are not native speakers of the local language

    • people with low levels of literacy or education

    • people subject to modern slavery, which involves human exploitation and control, such as forced labour, debt bondage, human trafficking, and child labour.

  • Have limited access to funding, grants and sponsorship

Is my project eligible?

  • An identified strategic project that requires a capability or expertise from within the Werkling talent community. The types of relevant capabilities/areas of expertise can be viewed here.

WerkinKind will give preference to organisations that have lesser sources of funding and those projects that will have a greater chance of positively impacting the vulnerable communities the applicant organisation serves.

Sponsorship value

The WerkInKind program will sponsor two projects of up to $9,000 in value in the 2023 round. The WerkInKind fund will continue to grow year-on-year.

key date

Key dates and application process

Application will open at 9:00am on Wednesday 10th May and will close at 5:30pm on Friday 2nd of June.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to consider late applications.   

2 June

Applications close

20 June

Shortlisted applicants contacted (if further information required)

30 June

Outcomes announced 


How will not-for-profit organisations benefit from the program?

The WerkinKind program aims to provide expert support to your organisation to achieve a strategic priority that you would not be able to get sponsorship or funding for for elsewhere. In addition to the delivery of the project, the program aims to sustainably embed the skills and knowledge used to complete your sponsored project in your organisation for future use.

How should not-for-profit organisations choose which project to put forward?

Prioritise your current problems and needs that relate to the Werkling capability domains (listed here). Identify a project that will have a lasting impact on your organisation and it's community mission. 

Do organisations need to pay for travel and accommodation costs for the Werkling?

If the project can be completed remotely, there will be no travel costs. However, if the Werkling talent is required to travel to your location, this should be outlined in your sponsored project scope and will be taken into consideration.

How are sponsorship funds paid?

Sponsorship is provided in kind.  If you are successful in your application for the WerkinKind program, you will be matched to Werkling talent and they will create a proposal and costing for the project. You will form an agreement around the scope of work to the value of the sponsorship with the talent member.  The funds that have been allocated to your sponsored project organisation are used to pay the Werkling talent.

Can organisations reapply over multiple rounds of the program? 

Yes, you can apply in multiple funding rounds. The WerkinKind program will initially run annually but may become more frequent as the program expands.

Do you get feedback on why your application was unsuccessful?

All applicants will be informed of the success or otherwise of their application. As this program is administered by volunteers, it will be difficult to provide individual detailed feedback for every applicant however those who have provided additional information will be contacted with feedback.

Can you extend the scope of the work undertaken by the Werkling talent?

If this is within the funding allocation, you can complete the sponsored project with the support of your Werkling Talent. If it is out of the scope, you will need to fund the additional costs from within your organisation or apply for the next round of grants. 

Is there anything else that the organisation needs to do?

Following the completion of the gig, the Talent member and leader from the sponsored organisation will record a video story of the project to be shared on Werkling’s social media accounts and agree to support other communication such as blogs, articles or social media content. The sponsored organisation will be asked to display the WerkinKind logo on their website.  A review will be held after the sponsored project is complete to confirm it achieved its goals and the process was a positive outcome for all. 

Where can you go for further information or questions?

Please email any questions to You can submit your applications here.

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