4 reasons to enagage talent who belong to a talent community

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Never underestimate the potential of a professional talent community. 

In today’s ever-changing and economically uncertain environment, forward-thinking leaders increasingly recognise the strategic advantages of tapping into on-demand talent who are members of a professional community. 

Over the years, research* has consistently demonstrated that when workers, including on-demand professionals, experience a genuine sense of belonging within an organisation or community, it has a positive impact on their performance.

However, when leaders engage on-demand talent who are part of a professional community, the benefits extend beyond individual performance and leverage the power of collective performance. Leaders gain access to the advantages driven by collaboration, support, and continuous learning that is fostered within these communities.

In this article, we will explore the four key benefits of embracing on-demand talent who are members of a professional talent community.

Four key benefits of embracing a professional talent community

1. They care for your extended team
Talent communities serve as a bridge between on-demand talent and internal teams. Leaders dedicate a substantial amount of effort to cultivating a strong sense of belonging among their core team members. However, this sense of inclusion should not be limited to in-house talent alone. Leveraging on-demand talent within a community, such as Werkling, offers an effective means to nurture continuous relationships and connectivity, even during periods when talent are not actively involved in live projects. These communities ensure that your talent bench remains engaged, well-informed, and primed to contribute when their skills are next required.

2. It’s a space that fosters knowledge exchange and contribution
When on-demand talent are engaged for a project, they bring more than just
their skills, knowledge, and experience to the table. They also bring valuable insights and intelligence from the talent community they are a part of. A robust talent community serves as a medium for knowledge sharing, fostering the exchange of ideas, and collaborative problem-solving. When talent actively engages in a professional community, they are no longer isolated, singular contractors; they become active contributors within a network of experienced and generous professionals.

3. Assemble a tailored blend of skills and specialties through the community
One of the biggest advantages of leveraging an on-demand talent community is the ability to assemble a tailored blend of skills. Complex problems often require the expertise of
multiple specialists. When you tap into a talent community that is home to multiple specialist areas, you are able to curate bespoke project teams with complementary skillsets. For instance, pairing a sales strategy specialist with a remuneration expert for an incentive plan or bringing together a communications specialist with an employment lawyer for a policy refresh project. This approach not only grants leaders access to the precise skill mix they require but also fosters seamless collaboration among on-demand talent who thrive on tackling such challenges, together. 

4. They create professional growth opportunities for talent
A well-established on-demand talent community is far more than merely a marketplace or network; it serves as a platform for continuous professional development. Within such a community, on-demand talent have the opportunity to learn from one another, gain exposure to diverse perspectives, and access new experiences. For instance, at Werkling, talent members are provided with a range of professional growth incentives, known as “WerkPerks,” which include coaching and discounts on courses, training, and accreditations. Additionally, monthly Learning Circles are hosted to delve into shared challenges and Werkshops to facilitate the exchange of expertise.

Embracing talent communities

As Werkling’s Community Manager, I have personally seen the impact that a talent collective has on projects and organisations. When you engage with on-demand talent through a talent community, you are not simply hiring workers; you are embracing a robust support system, a wellspring of expertise, and a community of professionals dedicated to helping leaders in delivering great results.

If you are you ready to harness the power of a talent community for your next project, here’s how it werks:

  1. Tell us what you need: We’re always happy to help you scope your gig and you can book a time to chat here. Otherwise create an account and drop us a short gig brief! 
  2. Receive a talent recommendation: Within 24 hours, the Werkling team will provide you with a tailored talent recommendation from our amazing community of like-hearted professionals who is the perfect fit for your business needs. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunities that await within our thriving talent community!

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