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Emmagness Ruzvidzo

Designing your marketing strategy with Emmagness

Session length

1 hour

session cost

$175 +gst

About this advisor

Emmagness is a Brand and Marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience in designing and implementing strategies that drive revenue growth and profit. 

With a background in coaching and training, she brings a research-based approach to marketing that is finely tuned to identify opportunities for growth and lead generation. 

Having navigated various in-house marketing, including Head of Brand and Marketing for a Fortune 500 company, Emmagness is now a corporate escapee and offers practical insights into overcoming the challenges commonly encountered in building effective marketing programs for on-demand talent.

What you'll cover
  • Building your client pipeline: Understand the critical concept of a client pipeline and its stages. With Emmagness’s expert guidance, learn the best methods to integrate your personal brand and value proposition effectively into your pipeline, ensuring maximum impact and success.
  • Design an effective marketing strategy: Gain insights into understanding your market and defining your ideal customer profile. Learn how to select the right marketing channels and implement a comprehensive strategy through an effective marketing plan. 
  • Digital presence and content plan: Learn how to leverage social media effectively to build your brand and attract clients. Develop content pillars and a messaging guide aligned with your personal brand, value proposition, and market needs.
  • Forecast and navigate the unique challenges in business development: Navigating the business landscape as a corporate escapee comes with its unique challenges. Discover strategies for nurturing relationships within your pipeline, including leveraging testimonials, case studies, and referrals.
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