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Zoe Badalassi

Explore your career options for a sustainable and enjoyable career

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About this advisor

Zoe Badalassi, a corporate escapee with a speciality in Career & Leadership coaching and  a background in psychology, has over 20 years of experience in Talent, People & Culture roles.

Zoe’s own journey from the corporate world to small biz owner, has enriched her toolkit with invaluable insights, complementing her academic credentials and professional expertise. Renowned as a trusted coach, Zoe has guided numerous individuals and teams towards realising their full career potential.

What you'll cover
  • Gain Clarity: You’ll gain clarity on your career aspirations, personal values, and professional goals. Zoe will help you work through the reasons and the risks for making a move from corporate to gig life.
  • Develop Actionable Strategies: You and Zoe will develop actionable strategies tailored to your unique circumstances and objectives. You will leave the session with a plan for who you need to speak to, what questions you need to ask and what further information you need to find out so you get closer to your goals.
  • Increase your Confidence: Zoe will help you to identify and leverage your strengths, empower you to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities with confidence.
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