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Viren Thakrar

Refine your value proposition with Viren

Session length

45 minutes

session cost

Pro-bono session

About this advisor

Viren is a corporate escapee who is the founder of a tech-based start up and has a successful portfolio career.

Viren is the Founder, Facilitator, and Product Development Manager at In The Game. He loves innovating in the people and culture space and is passionate about entrepreneurship. Over the last ten years, he’s focused on developing his expertise around value exchange, marketing and positioning.

He’s currently working on approximately version 22 of his value proposition. 🙂

What you'll cover
  • Test your brand statements: Bring your brand statements to the session for a stress test. Explore what your brand means to you and how it will inform your value proposition.
  • Craft your value proposition: Viren will guide you in defining and articulating your unique value proposition to stand out as on-demand talent. 
  • Practice your pitch: Practice how you will use your value proposition in both formal and conversational settings. 
How to book

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