Five common on-demand talent scenarios

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Michelle Fotheringham

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The talent ecosystem is changing, and changing quickly.

The highly dynamic and disrupted business environment along with the overlay of a serious talent shortage has forced leaders to reimagine their talent strategy. For most, this has involved the exploration of emerging talent pools and new work models.

With more and more leaders seeing the value in having a trusted on-demand talent partner, Werkling are sharing the five most common scenarios that we hear about (and step in to help!) every week.

1. Help! My team is at capacity

Leaders understand both the collective and individually unique circumstances that team members are navigating during the pandemic. Everyone is carrying a significant personal and professional load. Burnout is both an individual health risk and a business continuity risk, and great leaders are not taking the chance of overworking their teams. Where the team is at capacity, they’re augmenting their team with on-demand talent to deliver specific outcomes.

2. Help! We don’t have anyone who can do this

The capabilities that an organisation needs are not static. Different capabilities are needed at different times. This is true for any sized organisation but gets more specialised as the organisational size increases. Whether it’s a startup without a marketing function or a corporate without a sales incentive specialist, organisations often do not need a fixed employee workforce for every capability. On-demand talent is the perfect solution for the things you need some the time but not all of the time.

3. Help! We can’t fill the role

Vacant roles are taking a serious amount of time to fill, stretching far beyond the date that the previous incumbent left the organisation. Without on-demand talent, the work is either absorbed by other team members or it grinds to a halt. Leaders are looking at which work elements can be paused, which are required to “keep the lights on” and which components are business critical projects that need to be accelerated in the short-term. They’re then bringing in trusted on-demand talent to deliver.

4. Help! We’ve got a pretty modest budget

With leaders looking to draw on flexible resourcing more frequently, the cost of traditional consulting agencies is becoming increasingly problematic. The mark ups and overheads are not conducive to regular use. Even though their rates are very much reflective of their experience and expertise, on-demand talent day rates are typically at least 30-50% more affordable than an agency alternative.

5. Hey, I want to think differently about how I resource my team

Now this is a super exciting one for us. Notice how it didn’t start with a “Help!”? This is where leaders are thinking proactively about the type of on-demand talent they need on their bench. They are partnering with us to curate On-demand Talent Panels, selecting and pooling the talent so they are all ready to go as and when needed.

Sound familiar?

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