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For many, freelancing can seem like a high-wire act, juggling jobs and cash flow. For others, it’s a flexible way to do lots of interesting things with lots of different people and organisations.

Why are more and more Australians leaving full-time work for gig work? What should you know or do to prepare before leaping into the professional gig economy? And how can you make a career of it?

Disrupt Radio chats with corporate escapee and CEO & Founder of Werkling, Michelle Fotheringham, about her thriving talent community & digital marketplace, that’s helping leaders to create nimble, flexible teams.

Listen to the segment from August 3rd, here.

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How do you navigate office politics via Zoom? How important is diversity when everyone’s working from home? How can you manage a bad boss – or a Gen Z intern?

Sunil Badami has had more jobs than he’s had haircuts – from financial planner in the Sydney CBD to managing a pub on top of the mountain on the Isle of Man. He’s been a trainee clown, worked in a Kings Cross sex shop, worked as a branding and strategy consultant and written for nearly every media outlet in Australia.

And with so many different work experiences across so many different industries around the world, Sunil is now an academic and researcher specialising in the future of work.

Along with some of the world’s most influential leaders and innovative thinkers at the cutting edge of the rapidly changing future of work, explore the future of work today with Sunil and discover how you can shift up to the next level – wherever you work, whatever you do.