How to become a gig executive with Michelle Fotheringham

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In this episode of The Job Hunting podcast, CEO & Founder of Werkling – Michelle Fotheringham sits down with host Renata Bernarde to delve into the ever-evolving landscape of work preferences and the burgeoning talent ecosystem.

With a keen understanding of the shifting dynamics within the workforce and the talent ecosystem, Michelle brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her impressive journey spans corporate in-house roles, collaborations with renowned consulting agencies, and a multifaceted career as an on-demand professional. These diverse experiences laid the foundation for the development of Werkling, a groundbreaking platform meticulously crafted to cultivate a sense of community and inclusivity for those who have chosen to venture beyond traditional work paradigms.

Throughout this engaging conversation, Michelle graciously shares insights gleaned from her career, spanning corporate in-house positions to her tenure as an on-demand professional. They also explore the transformative influence of the gig economy, particularly in light of the surging interest among corporate professionals in seeking greater work flexibility.

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