Podcast host Mark LeBusque interviews Werkling CEO on the Future of Work

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E120: Michelle Fotheringham – The Future of Work is Already Here


Werkling CEO & Founder Michelle Fotheringham chats all things work, life and everything in between with Mark LeBusque in the latest episode of The Simply Practically Human podcast.

On this episode of the Simply Practically Human Podcast, Michelle talks about how she believes we need to reframe the idea that the future of work is something in the distance – in fact, the future of work is already here. Those who are caught up in these COVID times as ‘something to get through…. are going to lose the war on talent both existing and new.

Treating humans like grown-ups, trusting humans to do the work remotely, and transitioning to a different kind of work are starting points for business success. Michelle pulls no punches on the pitfalls of sticking your head in the sand at a time when organisations need to get creative.

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