The Professional Gig Economy – Playing the Culture Game with Michelle Fotheringham, Werkling

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S1 E3: Michelle Fotheringham on the “Playing The Game” Podcast

How do you deal with fluctuating and unpredictable workloads and the potential burnout this creates for your team? Exploring the space between internal and external talent is an exciting way for businesses to be more nimble in response to dynamic work demands.

In the latest episode of Playing the Culture Game, Co-Founder of In the Game Viren Thakrar, chats with Michelle Fotheringham (Werkling) about various aspects of the professional gig economy. They discuss at length:

⭐ Issues with work design

⭐ The benefits and considerations of shifting to an open talent economy

⭐ How to identify the right on-demand talent for your business

⭐ Creating a positive employee experience for on-demand talent

And a whole lot more. All this over a friendly game of Connect 4!
In each episode of Playing the Culture Game, In The Game donates to a charity of the special guests choosing. Michelle selected the Children’s Medical Research Institute for this episode.
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About the “Playing the Game” Podcast

What does it take to build an amazing growth-focused culture that inspires collaboration, innovation and performance? In this series, podcast host and Co-Founder of “In the Game” Viren Thakrar dives deep into interesting people & culture topics with interesting guests, all whilst playing a friendly game!
If you want the inside scoop on how to build a growth-focused culture this show is for you.